14 Things I Learned In The 14th Grade

Even though I learned most of these things in the “13th grade”, this is a good post.

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Pitch PerfectPitch Perfect

Ahh 14th grade, more commonly known as sophomore year of college. In my opinion, sophomore year is such an awkward year.  You are past being a little baby freshman, but you aren’t yet at the status of an upperclassman. In high school, people used to say sophomore year was the year of the “wise fools,” meaning you are past the nervousness and uncertainty of starting a new chapter in your life, but you still haven’t grasped it yet and are still a complete idiot when it comes to life. I couldn’t agree more with this concept. After freshman year, I thought I had a grasp on life, on love, on school, and on college. Lol was I wrong. Sophomore year was truly a learning and eye-opening experience (that flew by faster than I can even explain) and I’d like to share some things I learned. Just a little…

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