jim and pam. (slight spoiler, but come on you knew it was coming)

I watched the last couple seasons of the Office when it aired on TV, and over the Christmas break I started watching all the way from the beginning. Sure it can be inappropriate at times, and some of the jokes are just dumb, but it is really one of those shows that lifts you up while making you laugh at the same time. I think my favorite part of the show has to be Jim and Pam’s love story. I mean, let’s be honest, it is most of the reason why I am watching this show. The way that Jim treats Pam is so honest and respectful that I definitely envy  long for that.

I finally got to the season where Jim and Pam start dating, and I am loving it. In the episode I watched today, Jim asked Pam to move in with him because she got thrown out of her apartment, and she said she won’t move in with him until she is engaged to him (not totally biblical, but at least much closer than most TV shows). Jim respected that, and his response was, “Oh that’s comin.” Pam just thought that he was joking, but when Jim talked to the cameras in the room away from Pam, he revealed the ring he bought her and said, “I bought it the week after we started dating. I lost her once and I am not about to make that same mistake again.”

I mean the passion of this guy. He carries around a ring waiting for the perfect opportunity to propose to Pam. He wants it now, but he is willing to sacrifice that to wait for the perfect moment so Pam can have everything she dreamed of. Even in the later episodes when Jim moves to Philly and things get strained in their relationship, Jim stays and works. He knew he made a mistake, so he makes it right by her. He sacrifices his dream job because he realizes that he would rather have his dream wife. I hope I find a “Jim” one day. I mean, how much more can a girl want from a fictional romance?

(When I found out that they weren’t married in real life, I was actually sad. They are my favorite.) 



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