Complete Surrender

When you’re sick, you do everything you can to make it better. You usually know what is making you feel bad, so you have a way of controlling what happens, or at least knowing what is ahead. What most people do no realize is that this tiny bit of control can be such a comfort that some people do not have. They don’t know what is ahead, or what made us sick. Unfortunately, I have been grappling with crippling nausea for a few months now and there is no real rhyme or reason to it. I cut out certain foods to see if it stopped happening, but nothing I tried worked. If only I knew something, then I would know how to make it better. At the very least I would know when it would end. 

But that is not how God operates. God wants us to give ALL of our control to Him, including control of our bodies. This is such a basic control that no one really realizes even exists, but God wants it. Complete surrender means saying, “OK God, I don’t feel good, but you have a plan for this, and it will make me stronger.” And yet, that is SUCH a hard prayer to pray. Anyone that has to deal with any type of sickness knows what I am talking about – you just want some comfort. But instead of finding that comfort in medicine and sweatshirts and soup, we should be trusting God. I am not at all saying don’t take Advil if you have a headache, or eat soup of you have a cold, but God will ultimately heal us. He is the one that can fix our broken human bodies, not us. 


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