I think that patience is one of the most underrated virtues. Honesty is valued above anything else – and I agree with that. But patience, I think should quickly follow honesty in the list of the most important virtues. Recently, I have had a hard time being still and just taking in the moment. I treat life like one big to-do list, and it’s starting to catch up to me. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I were driving and he said something pretty interesting to me. That same morning, he prayed for patience for us in church. I immediately became defensive, and told him that I have gotten a lot more patient. But if I really had learned patience, I would have realized that God was using my wonderful boyfriend right there to show me that I was far from being done. I still have a rocky road ahead of me as far as being still and just letting life come to a stop for a bit. So todays goal for the day – learn to be more patient, and also make sure to put others before myself. 


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