Too much of anything is too much.

Yes, that is an All Time Low song, but it’s also very true. I really am talking about people here. People are an amazing thing, a wonderful thing. But seeing too much of people or giving away all of your time for others really doesn’t work. I am extremely extroverted, and I am slowly learning that people can really cause problems in your life without you realizing it. Recently, my friends have decided to exclude me a lot more than they had in the past. Talking about me behind my back, not inviting me (I am so ready for college), and it really bothered me. That is, until I realized that all I need is a little “me” time. I need to relax and do something that is totally for me. I think I’ve decided that tonight I am going to go to the boardwalk and take pictures as the sun sets. I’m hoping that is the cure I need.


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