“The one”

When picking a college, they say you should have a moment where you just instinctually know that the college you chose is the one. I never had that moment. My college decision came with a lot of conflict, and a moment where I also completely changed my mind and switched schools. I was torn – I loved Elon, but it was too far away. After an overnight stay with a friend on campus, I decided on James Madison University, but a part of me just picked so that the decision would be over and out of my hair forever. I love James Madison, but I never had that “moment” with it. Until today.

Everyone always brags about their campus being the prettiest or their academics being the best, but no one has ever really bragged about the people being the nicest people they’ve ever met. I can say without a doubt, that JMU has the kindest, nicest people that I have ever met and might possibly ever meet. During orientation, everyone was more than friendly, and even afterwards, my orientation guide emailed me back and forth for a while about concerns I had, and just things he thought I would like to know. I really started to warm up to the place after orientation; then today happened. I was just sitting at home on the computer, trying to find my textbooks online on the JMU Facebook book trade page. Finally, I came upon someone who was selling the one book that I needed. I messaged her, and she got back to me right away. She was so helpful, even when I told her I was a freshman. She was really nice about everything, and made me feel welcome. I have been scared for months now about how I would be welcomed as a freshman. I couldn’t stand to be looked down upon for a whole year just because I was 18 instead of 19. We talked about the book for a while, and then she randomly asked if I had any questions. I told her no, but she continued with, “Don’t hesitate to ask if you think of any :)”. And that was when I had my moment. I can brag to all my friends that I am going to college where a million things are great about it, but the one thing that stands out is the only thing that will really matter – the people.


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