They say curiosity killed the cat…

I don’t think that is true. Curiosity is a wonderful thing that should be encouraged. One of the most curious people that I know is also one of the most interesting and alive people I know – Alex, my boyfriend. He knows how to speak Welsh, plays rugby, fishes, rock climbs, reads books, and likes physics. He went to the used book store with me the other day and bought two books – both field guides about nature. Curiosity doesn’t kill anything; in fact, it makes people thrive. How does one ever learn without being curious? How does one get through school without being curious? I believe that a passion for learning is something lost on my generation, and that makes me sad. Learning is so important, and it really is very interesting. I hope that people reading this are inspired to pick up a book and read a little – I heard that curiosity is actually very friendly.


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