Everyone battles something. As a young adult, especially a woman, I have so many battles that I have to face. The worst part – most of them are internal. Weight, appearance, grades, success, religiousness, friendships, and relationships…all of these things have really been weighing me down. Since school has ended, I have really had time to think about my life and my purpose in this world. Right now, I am not really all that important yet, but I hope someday I will be. I need confidence right now to get through these struggles, and honestly I think that all that starts with reading my bible, exercising, and eating healthier. I am not “fat” at all; in fact, I am perfectly healthy as far as my weight goes. But the feeling still exists – I see myself as unhealthy.  It doesn’t help that I am also pale and very curvy. I need to start appreciating my curves, but I also need to feed my body better. Tomorrow the journey begins.

Another really big issue for me is my deep need to please other people, usually at the expense of myself. For years now, I have done everything right, all the time just to make others pleased with me. Now that I am older, I know my body and my soul. I know what I believe in, but I also know what I need to let go of. The pressure of pleasing others needs to disappear, and soon. I know it’ll take time to get into that habit of listening to myself and taking care of myself, but it will be rewarding when I arrive there. All in all, I know I am a strong person. I have had a rocky past, but I can see the future, and it is bright. All I need to to trust and have confidence in myself, and I can really go far. If you think of it, pray for me. This journey will need a lot of patience that I don’t necessarily have.



2 thoughts on “Battles

  1. Everyone has internal battles, so you are not alone. That’s the perennial challenge in life – the Ego vs the Higher Self. In my opinion, you are already winning this battle by tapping into your inner wisdom. 🙂

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