The Essentials

Why do people blog? I think that it could be the insatiable urge of humans to talk about themselves, but it might also be a higher purpose – if I share my mistakes and life experiences with you, then you can learn from me and maybe not make the same mistakes. I am starting this blog mostly because I need a hobby and an outlet, something that I can be proud of and show off to the world. No one is reading these posts yet, but maybe someday the right person will stumble upon this. Who knows, this could be my humble beginnings of becoming famous (unlikely).

In order to really understand me, I think that you need to know a few things. First and foremost, I am a devout Christian woman that has given her life to God. I plan on serving Him my whole life, and I won’t be shy about it. Currently, I am struggling to find a church that I really fit in at, but hopefully during the span of my college career, I will find a place that really works for me. In addition to my passion for Christ, I am a hue swimmer – well, I was a huge swimmer. That statement might be one of the hardest things for me to admit. In middle school and in the beginning of high school, I swam like a champ; I even had the opportunity to break my high school’s 500 Freestyle record as a freshman. Now, don’t imagine that I am some brilliant swimmer and won Gold in the Olympics – quite the contrary. I never one any big titles in competitions, but I worked hard enough that I was able to attend a few invitationals when I was at my peak.

Of course, all good things come to an end, as is the way of the world. Slowly, but surely, my shoulder was beginning to give out on me. I tried physical therapy for years. I even drove 90 minutes away to visit one of the best doctors in the nation – there was nothing they could do for me. Overusing my arms without the proper technique and rest had worn me out to the point where I was never going to be able to return. I could swim, but not very much and I would be painful. The worst part of this whole experience is the fact that I can still swim. I have no excuse to fall back on when someone asks me why I’m not in terrific shape anymore. I just quit. I had to stop, but I never moved on. Maybe I will be able to swim a couple thousand three days a week, but that day is down a long road of pain and suffering. I think God may be telling me to let it go, and move on to bigger and better things.

Speaking of such, something that I am really in to(and think everyone should be really into) is serving. I love helping the community, little kids, other countries – whoever and whatever needs my help, I will give it to them. I have been to Honduras twice on missions trips, and I really feel called to go back down there and serve their community, hopefully as either a doctor or a teacher. I really felt connected to the people and the church down there. One of the most amazing things I have ever heard was told to me while Iwas down there.I was speaking with one of the village women that spoke a rough amount of English, and I was asking her about her faith. She kept telling me all the horrible things that had happened to her as a poor single mother raising four kids in a third-world country. I asked her how she had any faith in God, and what she replied, I will never forget – “How can you believe in God when you have no need for him in America?”. I stopped in my tracks as the gravity of her words hit me. Wow, I thought. That’s a really amazing point. Why do we as Americans want God when we have no reason to need him? Her words just made me even more humble, and I know that I am truly meant to serve people as much as I can.

I suppose I should stop rambling on about myself. I’m sure that I will blog again before the night is out. Maybe this will become a daily thing; I certainly hope so.



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